Some Kind Of Fever


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Crazyhehead's Second Album SOME KINDA FEVER.

Includes original artwork.

"The title track was inspired by the first US-Iraq bloodbath. Most songs having become live favourites during years between this and the first album's release. "Magic Eye' being my personal favourite, with THAT driving riff. Crazyhead were a rock solid, Rock'n'Roll band. Dirtier than their contempories like The Wonder Stuff or PWEI, I loved 'em. Americans would have loved them too, if only somebody had had the foresight to send them over there for a few tours. This album is stronger, in my opinion than 'Desert Orchid' and contains the single 'Everything's Alright' a true belter! Nice cover, too. Buy it."


released November 11, 2016





Leicester 80s Musical Grebo Giants The Gaye Bykers on Acid and Crazyhead have reassembled their collective talents to form SWAMP DELTA! A new musical re-emergence featuring songs from both bands back catalogue as well as brand new material. Last year Swamp Delta played Beaded Theory and Rebellion Punk Festivals to great acclaim ... more

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Track Name: Big Sister
Big Sister

Big Sister took us driving
Didn't get a wink for days
This head is still arriving
From another time and place
Crashed into the big mess
Killers back page news
Haven't got a home no more
But I’ve got these blue suede shoes

Well you know I don't know
Seems the only way to go
Is down to the bottom and crawl right back again

Fell into a Chinese Laundry
When the going got too tight
I didn't find no peace of mind
And we sure did come out white
We know your only passing
Only came to have some fun
But you could die hear Mister
So you'd better hit and run

Well you know I don't know
Seems the only way to go
Is down to the bottom and crawl right back again
Track Name: Above Those Things
Above These Things

Worry about the secrets that you keep
Worry that your life is incomplete

Hold yourself above those things
You've got to hold yourself above those things

She talks but no one’s listening anymore
Waiting for the heat to drag her down
She walks one way but don't go anywhere
Looking for a fence to hang on to
Laughing at the candles and the wine
what's the point of running all the time

Everything's All right
Kiss this dirty street
But this one's mine
Outside someone's screaming all the time
Losing everything
Everybody starts to swing
Don't you know
That Everything's All right
How can you eat
And how can you sleep at night

Damn the weekend
Praying to get blind
Why pretend to have a real good time
Friday night brings Sunday blues
But tomorrow we go clean

Yaow !

It's Alright
Track Name: Train
Floats through the air like Zombie mist
I get kind of confused as I try to resist
My heads on fire but there’s no production
Got dumb bad blood from this induction
Gimmie Gimmie Gimmie Gimmie a Night Train
Gimmie Gimmie a Train out of here
Now Doctor Goodvibes he rots in jail
Everybody forgets to send him mail
Senses are troubled and my eyes are blurred
I'm not even drunk but my words are slurred
Now I am a black hole in space
Isolated from the human race
I'll suck you in your life will be over I should be a supernova
Track Name: Some Kinda Fever
Some Kinda Fever

Let's go to war then watch it on TV
Too much month at the end of the money for me
And sometimes when there’s no one else around
It's like some kind of fever
Shot us down
Politicians do it on all fours
Greed, stealth , protect yourself and yours
And sometimes when i listen to these clowns
It's like some kind of fever shot us down
Let's go to war